Health Benefits of Lemons


Do you already know all the health benefits of the combination of lemons? Listed briefly for you below are a few ideas on how to optimize your health with simple things you can find at any supermarket.

Lemon water liver detox

When you get up you can drink lemon water for a liver cleansing small detox. For this you can simply squeeze a lemon in a glass with warm water.

Lemon are loaded with nutrients

Lemon contains many nutrients such as minerals and vitamins that we need every day. Lemon contains vitamin C, flavonoids, vitamin B, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and fibers. Lemon is also good for reducing symptoms caused by allergies because lemon contains phytonutrient hesperetin which has been shown to reduce allergic symptoms in studies.

Helps you lose weight

Lemon contains pectin fibers, which help to control and curb your appetite.

Improve the immune system

Your immune system needs vitamin C to function optimally, it is not for nothing that it is recommended to take vitamin C when you are sick. As mentioned earlier, lemon is full of vitamin C. If you drink a glass of water with lemon every morning, then you start taking an extra portion of vitamin C every day. When you drink the water in the morning, especially if you have eaten something, your body will have the opportunity to optimally absorb these vitamins.

More beautiful skin

Water with lemon also makes your skin more beautiful. Vitamin C is used by your body to produce collagen, which in turn ensures soft, healthy skin.

These are just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to all the benefits of lemons.

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